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Rhonda Drinks It

Her lips
moved over the cock shaft, pulling the organ inexorably deeper and
deeper into her mouth. She felt the bulbous head slide over her well
lubricated tongue, then stop momentarily at the top of her throat. She
craned her head to look up at the man. This action also had the result
of straightening the path the cock was taking. She paused.

	"Go ahead. All the way down. I know you can do it. I want to
feel your tonsils at the tip," the man said.

	Rhonda snorted in a breath of air through her nose, and
pushed. The head rammed the back of her throat, then slipped down past
the base of her tongue into the very top of her esophagus. Still she
could feel three or four inches of cock exposed to air. Gulping down
the saliva built up in her mouth, Rhonda forced her head forward. She
felt the huge organ slide down her throat, until her neck bulged with
the outline of the man's penis. He put his hand down to her neck,
tracing the outline with his fingers.

	"Sheeeeit, you're really doin' it!" he gasped, amazed at the
oral hunger of the woman. He watched her lips move down, finally to
come to rest at the base of his cock, nuzzling the dark curly pubic

	Rhonda had to stop. She felt impaled on his cock, as though
she were trying to swallow a baseball bat. She swallowed several
times, feeling the cock pulse and her blood pound. The she slowly
slurped back up the cock. Inch after inch retreated from her face,
until just the tip was imprisoned behind her loving lips. She reached
up and placed the man's hands on her head, and allowed him to roughly
fuck her face with the outer half of his dick. A few times, he slowly
fed the entire length down into her raw throat as the woman looked up
at him.

	Finally he shuddered and moaned.

	"It's cummin' baby, it's cummin... " he groaned.

	Rhonda felt the tip of the cock, some three inches down her
gullet, expand, then pulse with the first ejaculation of sperm. It
rocketed straight down her throat. She quickly pulled back, as the
cock continued to spasm. One spurt let loose as the head backed up out
of her throat, bathing her tonsils with a white layer of semen.

	As the tip moved back across her tongue, another jet escaped,
sliming her mouth and back teeth.

	Finally she had the tip at her lips. She spit it out, leaned
back, and moaned.

	"Oh god cum on my face you black monster cum on my face," she
groaned deliriously. The man was only too glad to oblige. He aimed his
spurting prick at her nose, and shot a line of white sperm right up
along the bridge between her eyes, the end disappearing into her hair.
He moved left, leaving a line across her cheekbone. He aimed the head
up a bit, decorating her forehead with sperm. He moved down,
splattering her lips with streams of hot wet goo. The explosions of
jizm went on for several seconds, streaming over Rhonda's lovely
features and decorating her face until there was barely any dry skin
left on it.

	As the juice dwindled down, Rhonda opened her mouth, and the
man directed the last few dribbles into it. Shaking his cock, the
drips and drops flew into the dark cavern below it.

	Finally he was empty.

	Rhonda could do nothing but gasp with excitement. Her face was
literally covered with semen. Lines led up her cheekbone, from jaw to
eye. Her nose was dripping with the stuff. Some had even leaked into
her ears. She leaned over and grabbed the cup sitting next to her on
the lavatory, and moved it over her face, collecting as much of the
sperm as she could. She smiled up at the man.

	"Jeeze, what a load! Where did you ever come up with all that
stuff? I thought I was gonna drown !"

	"Hey honey, I always cum that much. Must be something genetic,
eh?" he said with a laugh, stuffing his now shrunken, but well
satisfied cock back into his pants. "My girlfriend says I must have
three balls."

	Rhonda giggled as she finished slurping the sperm off her face
and from around her lips. She swallowed a time or two, to clear her
throat and satiate her parched mouth.

	"I don't think I've ever seen as much cum in one shot as
that," she spoke, looking up at him in awe. "I loved it!"

	"Babe, you are one hot woman, you know that? Most gals would'a
pulled back and moved outta the way of the old firehose there, but you
just hung in there and took it right in the face. You looked like you
was havin' some sort of religious experience or something."

	Rhonda could do nothing but nod in agreement. To her, the
feeling she got when a man sprayed his sperm on her face was
wonderful. She knew it was odd, no doubt rare, for a woman to enjoy
that, but she did and she felt no qualms about it.

	She looked at the cup in her hand. It was nearly three-
quarters full of sperm. She sloshed it around, and placed it on the
small sink next to her. She rubbed the remaining small amount of jizz
on her face into her skin, feeling its smooth and wet coolness on her
fingertips. She checked herself in the mirror.

	There were several splotches of cum in her hair now, and her
lips were still rimmed with white. She licked them with her tongue to
clean them off, and sat back down, anxious for the next man to arrive.

	The door opened, and two men entered quickly. They crowded
into the small head.

	"Would you like to suck us both off at the same time," one man
spoke "or one at a time? We can do either... "

	Rhonda looked up at them confidently. "I can do you both at
the same time, if you'd like. I think I can handle it."

	So saying, she reached up with both hands and pulled down two
zippers. She undid each man's belt and loosened his pants, so they
slid down around his ankles. Underwear followed. Grabbing the two
hardening cocks with each hand, Rhonda pulled them towards her face.
She maneuvered them up close to her mouth, and opened it as wide as
she possibly could. Moving the two cock heads together, she fastened
her lips to them, and pushed her head downwards.

	Maybe it was the service she had just provided to the enormous
black stud, but Rhonda felt her mouth expand easily to cover and
envelope the two dicks. She slid her tongue into the groove between
them, and slowly traveled down the length of the twin stalks in her
hands. The cocks were nearly the same size and thickness, making the
lips-on-skin journey easier.

	She gurgled deep in her mouth as the two cocks forced their
way into her face, shoving closer together as they neared the narrowed
opening at the back of her throat. She moved her hand away from them
as they neared the end of their journey. No matter how wide her lips
or how broad her mouth, there was still one anatomical impossibility -
getting two cocks down into her esophagus at one time. They hit bottom
at the top of her throat.

	Rhonda paused there for a moment, reveling in the new feel of
two cocks at once in her mouth. She could feel the men quiver and
vibrate with excitement. Slowly she backed up off the double donging,
finally spitting the matched set out at the very end. She looked up at
the men.

	"What I'll do is give each of you about ten strokes apiece. I
want to keep you both at the same level, so you shoot off at just
about the same time. Think you can do that?"

	"No problem," said one man, "just keep on sucking, we'll do
the rest."

	Rhonda took a deep breath. Opening her mouth wide, she slid
easily down the left hand cock. Face to pubic hair, lips to base, she
swallowed the dick easily. She felt the head brush past her tonsils
and snake down her throat. Swallowing convulsively, she gave the man
her best shot. Milking his penis with her throat, Rhonda did all she
could to bring the man up to a heightened level of sexual charge.
Again and again, ten times in all, she throated the cock. Popping her
face off the first cock, she repeated the action on the other. The men
stood closely together, enjoying the feel and sight of the lovely
blonde sitting in front of them, performing the ultimate in sexual

	After just thirty strokes on each cock, one man grunted. "Oh,
honey, that's too much. Here I come!!!"

	He grasped his cock from Rhonda's clutching hand. Quickly the
other man did the same. They moved forwards. Rhonda opened her mouth
widely, and stuck out her tongue. The two cockheads rested on it. One
shook - a stream of white sperm shot out, striking the back of her
throat and falling down into her stomach before any thing else could

	Then the other one pulsed its first load. This time Rhonda was
ready. She folded her tongue back, closing the back of her mouth off,
and let the twin heads rest on her lower lip. A streamer of cum struck
the back of her tongue and pooled in the bottom of her mouth.
Suddenly, her mouth was full to overflowing with the jettings of the
men. She leaned back, and felt wet streams of cum strike her face.

	One ribbon shot up along her cheekbone, coming to rest in a
small blob just under her eye. Another traveled up the bridge of her
nose. A third struck her square in the forehead before splitting into
many tiny drops in the front of her hair. Again and again she felt her
face doused with the sexual fluids of the two men.

	Soon her eyes were daubed with the stuff, and her cheeks and
lips were covered with small trails of cum. The men painted her face
like a canvas. She felt the cum loop onto her lips and chin, slide off
her nose, and splatter into her hair over and over. She felt the wet
blobs rain gently down onto her nose and chin. For several seconds,
the air above her face was cloudy with the ejaculate of the two
handsome men before her.

	Finally, they finished. Rhonda lay back and panted, exhausted
at the ordeal and flushed with the cum of the men that had splattered
her face.

	"Ohhh god that was tremendous... I feel so fucking slimy, I
love it!" she breathed.

	"Lady, you are one fine fox, you know that?" one man spoke. "I
have never seen a woman take so much cum without flinching in my life,
and I've seen a lot of it, believe me."

	Rhonda reached over to the cup of cum resting on the sink, and
ran it over and around her face, collecting up the tremendous amount
of semen that decorated her. The cup filled up almost to the rim. She
never even noticed the men leave, she was so absorbed in her task.
Swallowing roughly, she felt several collected spurts slowly coat her
throat and mouth, traveling down to join the remaining juice in her

	The cup could hold no more. It contained close to six ounces
of semen, the mixed spendings of half a dozen virile men. Rhonda stood
and looked at herself in the mirror. Her face seemed wet with sweat,
yet she knew what it really was. Taking a small towel, she dried it as
best she could, taking care to smooth out the cum drops in her hair.
She quickly applied some fresh makeup and lipstick, straightened her
hair, and left the lavatory.

	Walking up the aisle back to her first class seat, she knew
she was being stared at by nearly everyone in the back of the plane,
women with envy or hatred, men with lust and awareness.

	She sat back down next to Steve.

	"Look at this," she said to him, showing him the clear plastic
cup of sperm in her hand. "I filled the glass."

	"Very good. Did you have a good time with the little lady I
sent back?" Steve inquired.

	"Oh, yes indeed. I came about 50 times I bet! Now what?"

	Steve just looked at her. She felt his gaze for a few seconds,
then she knew, really KNEW, what to do. Motioning for the stewardess,
she raised the glass up.

	"Miss, could I have some ice in this please? And be careful,
don't spill it, please."

	The stewardess took the glass almost without looking at it,
and walked to the small galley behind them.

	When she returned, she had a quizzical look on her face. "Is
this what I think it is?" she whispered to Rhonda.

	"You bet honey, A-number 1 prime jizz from half the guys on
this plane," Rhonda whispered back conspiratorially. "And I love it
over ice."

	So saying, she tipped the glass back and took a healthy swig
of the cooling juice. The stewardess' eyes widened, and she
involuntarily swallowed herself.

	The stew reddened, and abruptly turned away, walking rapidly
to the back of the plane.

	"I bet she's going back to the john and finger with herself
silly," Steve whispered.

	"I love it!" said Rhonda. And she spent the rest of the flight
slowly sipping the sperm cocktail from the glass.